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Our departments
The Finance Department aims to provide high quality management information to support decision making and efficient transaction services for our staff, departments and external stakeholders.

In our plant, we have a lot of skillful workers. We have been manufacturing our products effectively by installing advanced machines in our production line. The technical department examines and analyzes the manufacturing systems to keep the quality consistent. In order to grow in this very dynamic industry, continued development is a necessity. Keeping up to date with technology and new manufacturing systems and designs is a must for every employee.

At the Marketing Department we do all things marketing for our local and international markets. We’ve got a clear marketing plan which will result in further developing our brands and strengthen our relationship with our clientele. Creating brand loyalty is our number one priority.

At the Merchandising Department we make sure our products are always available to our customers. Our vast range of products needs to be visible, exciting and inspiring. That is why our merchandising team main focus is on smart stock decisions and clear and direct communication is all outlets. The right products need to be in the right place, at the right time

We aim to minimize the impact of our activities that may affect health, safety, environment, or the quality of the products and services we provide. We set targets in this area to ensure that our HSEQ values are supported by the objectives of the Management Team. This is achieved through risk assessments as required per company policies and procedures.

Our laboratory provides timely and accurate test results for the numerous and varied products of CIC. To ensure our quality standards are met, all products go through a variety of tests before, during and after the production process before it is deemed good for sale.

Our Sales Department is responsible for managing the relationship between CIC and our distributors, customers and consumers. Our sales goal is to provide our products and services to all our customers and distributors in the local and regional market in a timely, efficient and effective manner. We strive to create long lasting relationships in which we can build your business together.

Purchasing and Facilities
The goal of the Purchasing Department is to obtain high quality goods and services at reasonable cost, and to conduct purchasing activities in a fair and impartial manner.