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CIC gives opportunities that can unlock your full potential and help you turn a job into a career.

Our employees are hard workers and strategic do-ers whose imaginations drive our company forward. We encourage our team to always strive for better and challenge each other so that we can all learn and grow together. Commitment, trust and motivation is our recipe for success.
Open Applications
We are always in search of talented and motivated people that can help grow our company. If you would like to be considered for a position that matches your interest, you can submit your open application.
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Application Help
It is important that you apply for the right position. We invite you to follow the application process tips outlined below.
Working for CIC Why?
Working at CIC means meeting a lot of great people, learning, growing and being able to work in a positive environment, while building relationships based on mutual respect. Are you ready for your next adventure?
Our Departments
Will you be implementing maintenance techniques for our production machines or would you rather get excited about setting sales strategies for our product portfolio? We have a great team of talented people who all have their specific expertise. Depending on your position, you will work in one of our departments adding your piece to the puzzle. Read on for information about our departments.
Fabian | Laboratory
"Fabian: I enjoy working in a multiethnic organization, where there’s a healthy bond between the employees in various departments."
Revelino Wolff | Technical Services
"What I love about this organization is that they give you the opportunity to be creative and completely be yourself. No talent goes unrecognized."
Fabian Greb || Supervisor Financial Department
"“For 11 years it’s been my honor to work in one of the best known and leading companies in Suriname. What I love the most is the fact that you can go to a supervisor or the managing director at any time, without any obstacles.”"
Dennis Berenstein || Senior Operator
"“As challenging as my job can be, I am grateful to have a team where there is a strong togetherness and unity.”"
Fransisco Anoewaritja
"“As an employee of the finished products warehouse, I am thankful for the various training session I have followed to improve my skills. I am grateful for the fact that CIC is investing in their employees.”"