Ozon gives back!
Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017 - 13:21
To celebrate our 50th anniversary we have decided that we want to give back to our community. You can help us!

Up until November 2017 we will be giving away 50 well-filled cleaning packages to families/individuals who have earned it or need it.

It could be that they have done something unique for people from the neighborhood, or for a larger part of society. It's also possible that they are just living in more challenging circumstances.
Whatever the reason is, if you think they deserve it we would love to hear about it.

Do you know someone or a family who, according to you, deserves such a package? Please let us know!

What do you have to do:
Send an email to project5050@cicsur.com before the 15th of November 2017 with the following information:
1. tell us what the reason is that you have nominated this person for the package.
2. indicate your name and phone number in the mail
3. Indicate the name and telephone number of the nominee (s) in the mail
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